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Smriti Bhanti

Charismatic Motivational Speaker, Authentic Leader, Impactful Banker, High Consciousness Practitioner, Soulful Story Teller
Smriti Bhanti is a charismatic, dynamic motivational speaker, story teller and leader who has a unique perspective on events through a consciousness lens. 

She has a firm belief that High Consciousness is a conscious choice - we were born with it. 

Smriti has travelled and lived in 10+cities  across three countries giving her numerous magnificent opportunities to communicate, experience and learn from people of different cultures, ideologies, beliefs and views on life. She has worked extensively for 14years in banking industry where she has been associated with outreach programs to make a difference in other's lives. She brings these unique enriched, insights and learnings in her talks. 

A loving daughter, sister, partner, anchor, presenter, IT Banking manager who has a mission of creating positive impact on fellow human beings through her voice!
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